Tesla encourages Chinese designers to present their Chinese-style compact electric car designs

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shown considerable interest in the Chinese electric car market. Earlier this year, he announced that his company would develop an electric car in China for the global market.

“I think that it will be super cool – that’s why we’ll do it, we should try – to create a design and engineering center in China so that exclusively Chinese specialists can design an original car for sales around the world. I think it will be exciting. I believe that Chinese art is one of the best in the world, and I think it is something that will be appreciated around the world. I think it needs to be done, and we will do it”.

Tesla later created such a development center and showed a sketch of what a new electric car company developed in China might look like.

And now, Tesla is starting to accept design offers from Chinese car designers and amateur designers for its upcoming compact electric car. The company posted an ad through its official WeChat account in China. Tesla encourages automotive designers, including amateurs, to submit their designs for the new car. The company asks to design a Chinese-style electric car and submit its work for review.

At the same time, Tesla is ready to consider projects even from people “who are not automotive designers.” Perhaps the only requirement for submitting projects is for the designer to be from China, as the company wants the car to be developed in China. Tesla aims to fully develop and manufacture such a compact electric car in China, although in the future it should become available worldwide. However, neither Tesla nor Elon Musk indicated a clear timeline when the new electric car will be put into production or go on sale.

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