Tesla driver detained in Canada for sleeping while driving at 150 km/h

The Canadian Royal Police fined the driver of the Tesla Model S electric car, who turned on the autopilot function and slept while the car was moving at a speed of almost 150 km/h

The incident took place in the province of Alberta. The police crew received information about the electric car, which is traveling with obvious speeding. In addition, other road users noted that both front seats are reclined as far back as possible and the driver is apparently asleep.

The police “got on the tail” of the intruder, turning on the flashing beacons and a siren, but the Tesla Model S began to accelerate rapidly, accelerating to 150 km/h. Then the policemen managed to push the car to the side of the road. The 20-year-old electric car driver was fined and deprived of his driver’s license for one day.

The fact that the Tesla driver was probably asleep as evidenced by the recording from the camera of a police car, in which the reclined seatbacks are visible. In addition, the radar recorded a maximum speed of 150 km/h – this is the high point of the range in which the Autopilot function works.

Recall that Tesla, in its user manual, emphasizes that the Autopilot system is a purely auxiliary function, so the driver must continue to look at the road and keep his hands on the steering wheel in order to immediately take control in case of danger.

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