Tesla car owners can now play Elon Musk’s favorite game

Tesla vehicles have received a new software update. Among other improvements, patch 2020.48.25 expanded the Tesla Arcade library with Elon Musk’s favorite games.

According to Tesmanian, The Battle of Polytopia appeared in the service – a 4 by 4 strategy, where gamers need to take control of a tribe and bring it to prosperity. You can play both against artificial intelligence and with real opponents for one device or online.

In 2019, Musk repeatedly said that he plays The Battle of Polytopia, and he likes it. The developers appreciated the praise from the head of Tesla and added Musk to their game as a character.

The Tesla Arcade collection has expanded to include Cat Quest. This time, the main character is a cat who goes on a journey to free his sister. The gameplay may be simple, but in Cat Quest, there was a place for an open world, dungeons, and a system of progress through equipment.

The third game was Solitaire. Probably the only game that doesn’t need any special introduction.

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