Tesla can make an electric “minibus” based on Model 3

A few years ago it was possible to meet people in society who asked who Elon Musk was and thought that Tesla was only the name of a famous scientist from the past. The recent successes of the Mask companies and the widespread distribution of his electric vehicles have led to the fact that now almost everyone knows about him, and his bold demeanor once again makes you remember him. Sometimes they talk about him not because of what he did or said, but because of his potential developments. For example, now there is information that he can release not a new type of transport, but namely an electric minibus based on the Tesla Model 3, which will travel at a speed of more than two hundred kilometers per hour. What it is?

New Tesla Project

Tesla’s new 12-seater electric van is reported to be part of a large project approved by San Bernardino County, California. The local transport agency voted for the project, and one of the companies Ilona Mask should implement it.

This company is the Boring Company, which is engaged in the drilling of tunnels and the laying of communications in them, usually for transport purposes. In this case, it will be a high-speed tunnel that will connect the city center with the airport.

Tesla microbus

The tunnel is supposed to begin in the city of Cucamonga Ranch and go to Ontario Airport. San Bernardino County Supervisor Kurt Hagman told reporters after the vote that it was initially suggested that ordinary Tesla cars be driven in tunnels, but then added that both Mask companies are working on a large wagon.

Tesla Passenger Van

In addition to a place for 12 passengers, it will be possible to put luggage in it, and such vehicles will be able to move at a speed of 127 miles per hour (about 204 kilometers per hour). However, neither Tesla nor the Boring Company have yet commented on the construction and design of the new transport infrastructure.

According to rumors, the new van will be built on the basis of the Tesla Model 3. It is interesting how this project will be implemented if the Model 3 is a fairly compact car, and it will not be easy to build a full-fledged van on its basis. It is one thing to change the shape of the body on the trolley and quite another to build a fundamentally different car, which should have a much greater payload and a larger size. One thing is for sure – be a standalone van.

If we talk more about the tunnel itself, then its length will be 2.8 miles (4.5 kilometers) and it will pass at a depth of 35 feet (10.5 meters). Due to the speed of movement, which will be more than 200 kilometers per hour, the airport can be reached in about one and a half to two minutes.

How much does the new Boring Company tunnel cost

The county government is confident that the cost of building such a tunnel will be approximately $ 60 million. Earlier, instead of this project, it was proposed to create a light rail system, which was supposed to cost the district about 1-1.5 billion dollars. The difference is more than obvious.

If the Boring Company negotiates with officials and works on this project, this will be the third such achievement of the company. The company is currently building a tunnel connecting all the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Previously, the company also engaged in a project for Chicago’s O’Hara International Airport.

What is Elon Musk striving for

It is difficult to say that such construction can be the ultimate goal of such an ambitious businessman as Elon Musk. Most likely, this will only be a starting point in a long way. Agree that 4.5 kilometers is nothing. This is the distance that, if necessary, can be overcome on foot. I myself once at the Munich Airport was forced to walk about the same amount when I was late for the plane, and the train stopped at the previous station and it was not clear when he would go again. By and large, even with a suitcase, I did not feel any discomfort, except in a hurry. It’s me that such a distance is very small. But, as the beginning of something more significant, this is really a breakthrough.

Tesla ,model 3

Having perfected the technology and learning how to build such tunnels, you can cover them with far greater distances. For example, you can build them under straits or rivers, as well as cross entire cities in order to connect large airports, if there are several of them in the city. Examples of such cities are New York, Moscow, London and others.

Author: John Kessler
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