Tesla Autopilot will soon learn to recognize traffic signals and respond appropriately to them

Apparently, the Autopilot function on Tesla electric vehicles will soon be able to recognize traffic signals and respond properly while driving. The microblogging service Twitter has published a short video, which shows how the Tesla electric car drives along the street, pass intersections when the green traffic light is on but stops when the red light is on. It is assumed that the company will activate this new feature in the next sewing update for Autopilot.

Tesla Autopilot can already recognize other cars on the road, and last fall the update also allowed him to detect traffic cones. When using the Navigate function on Autopilot, the electric car will also plan a lane change to bypass these cones.

Tesla’s company claims that soon completely autonomous cars will appear on the road. Elon Musk previously said that they will be ready in 2019 and that by 2020 there will be more than a million robot-taxis. Although there is already a delay, the development of Autopilot functions, including the introduction of the possibility of recognizing traffic signals, brings us closer to fully autonomous vehicles. Although in its current form, it is not worth completely relying on Autopilot, and the company itself warns about this.

Author: Flyn Braun
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