Tesla autopilot now responds to traffic signs and traffic signals

The new Tesla autopilot update allows you to automatically respond to traffic signs and traffic signals. However, the company warned that the driver “needs to stay alert and be prepared to intervene”.

Tesla has released a new version of the autopilot that can recognize traffic signals and traffic signs. In March 2020, the company tested the preliminary version of this feature on users with early access, and after 1.5 months decided that it could be released to all car owners in the United States. The developers note that the function is still in beta mode, but will already allow Tesla to recognize traffic lights, even if they are turned off, and automatically slow down at intersections.

In the notes for the new system update, the automaker noted that when this function is activated, cars will stop at the red traffic light or in front of the STOP signs. At the first stage, the function is available only to US drivers; in stages, Tesla will implement it in other countries.

Drivers will be notified when the car slows down, the car will stop in front of the stop line, which the system will automatically detect by marking. If you move on safely, the driver will need to press the gear switch or pedal, and continue driving.

The function slows down the car if it detects a red, flashing yellow or off light. As the car approaches the intersection, it will indicate an intention to slow down with a notification.

“As with all autopilot functions, you must continue to pay attention to the road and be prepared for immediate action. This function will be conservative so far and will not always respond to all signals correctly. But in the future it will only get better, ”Tesla noted.

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