Tesla autopilot learned to detect speed limit signs

Tesla’s autopilot can now detect speed-limiting road signs and will more accurately follow traffic rules. Previously, the autopilot relied only on GPS data and users received speeding tickets.

Tesla vehicles can now automatically detect speed limits that appear on road signs. Electrek reports that the automaker is pushing for a software update that will allow Autopilot to detect speed limit signs using cameras and computer vision. The engineers note that now the autopilot knows how to correctly adhere to the speed limit, and earlier it relied on GPS data.

In addition, Tesla has added a beep when the traffic light turns green. If there is a car in front of the driver, then the sound signal will sound only after the car starts to move.

As with most Tesla updates, it won’t hit all vehicles in a week. The engineers note that this update brings the company closer to fully autonomous driving – the car will no longer rely on data provided by navigation services in advance.

Tesla has introduced new radars that alert the user if they leave a child inside the car. The device is so accurate that it can monitor his breathing and heart rate. Tesla cars will have a new feature built into them that will ensure that no children are trapped inside the car.

The automaker has applied to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for permission to market interactive short-range motion sensors that use a higher power level than current regulations allow. According to the company’s documentation, the device uses millimeter-wave technology to detect movement inside a car and classify people in it.