Tequila-based biofuels are more efficient than corn or sugar

Scientists from Australia have stated that tequila-based biofuels are more efficient than corn or sugar. One hectare of plants can produce up to 10 thousand liters of fuel per year.

In an article in the Journal of Cleaner Production, Sydney University Associate Professor Daniel Tan, along with Australian colleagues, analyzed the potential for producing biofuels from agave, a high-sugar plant used to make tequila.

Agave as a source of biofuel was grown on the Atherton Plateau. According to preliminary estimates, the plants gave a more efficient fuel compared to those obtained from sugarcane or corn. “Our analysis emphasizes the possibility of producing bioethanol from agave, it creates a minimal burden on food production and water resources”, the scientists added.

According to their results, bioethanol derived from agave is superior to corn and sugarcane in terms of consumption and water quality, greenhouse gas emissions, and ethanol quality. The study also showed that agave can produce up to 9900 liters of fuel per hectare per year. At the same time, agave is superior to other types of crops – they are more environmentally friendly and consume less water.

“An economic analysis showed that the first generation of bioethanol is not commercially viable without government support, given the recent collapse in global oil prices”, Ten said. “However, the situation may change with the emergence of demand for new ethanol-based medicines – for example, hand sanitizers”.

Author: Flyn Braun
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