Telegram launched a contest to create a news aggregator

Telegram messenger launched the second stage of the Data Clustering Contest contest to create a module on the basis of which you can develop a news aggregator. This was said in a statement.

Those companies that missed the previous stage are allowed to participate in the competition. As part of the competition, developers should, with emphasis on existing Telegram recommendations, create or improve existing clustering algorithms to highlight articles and news in Russian and English. In addition, the algorithms must take out news, including from other materials, as well as lay them out by subject and category.

At the same time, the algorithms should automatically index all incoming articles, analyze and compile them lists of stories for different time periods. Also, developers should make the aggregator relevant for readers from Russia, while making the English version interesting for a wide range of readers.

Entries will be accepted as standalone tgnews applications. The application should be launched both in the CLI interface and in the HTTP / 1.1 mode of the server with Keep-Alive support.

The prize fund for the competition will be 100 thousand euros. Telegram accepts applications until May 25, 2020.

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