Telegram added video editor

Telegram has added a video editor. Now users can edit media files in a few seconds and send them to the necessary chats.

An editor has appeared in the Telegram messenger that allows you to automatically improve the quality of the image or video – you can manually adjust the brightness, saturation, and other parameters, as well as overlay text or add a picture. When drawing on photos or videos, you can now zoom in and make quick changes.

This is not a new feature: the editor appeared in Telegram back in 2015 – this is the first version of the editor that allows you to improve the quality of photos and add pictures, stickers, and text to them. From today, this editor also allows you to process videos and place animated stickers on videos and photos.

The new version of the application allows you to add animated stickers to any photo or video. Thanks to this feature, users can easily add an animated sticker to the photo, it will automatically be sent as GIF animation.

A new “popular” section has appeared in the GIF panel, as well as sections with collections of emotions. In addition, Android users received several additional improvements. Now when sending, editing or deleting messages, a new smooth animation is shown. Voice messages also received a new animation, and videos lasting less than 30 seconds are now automatically played in a circle.

Author: John Kessler
Graduated From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Previously, worked in various little-known media. Currently is an expert, editor and developer of Free News.
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