Tehran urged not to allow the US to expose Iran as a threat

Washington should not be allowed to present Iran as a threat to international security, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Arakchi said on Monday.

“The US cannot be allowed to present Iran as a security threat. Any action on the international stage that exposes Iran as a threat is a game on the US field,” Arakchi was quoted as saying by the ISNA news agency.

He added that the US is currently again trying to promote the Iranian dossier to the UN Security Council, for this, according to the Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran, they have several ways. The first is the use of a dispute resolution mechanism within the framework of the nuclear deal, the potential result of which is the restoration of international sanctions against Iran. Another way, Arakchi said, is the IAEA, including the Agency’s recent demand to grant access to disputed nuclear facilities, which was the result of Israeli claims about activities there, and the issue of extending the arms embargo against Iran, which should be lifted this fall.