Teenager quarrelled with the teacher and decided to stab him

A lyceum student in the French city of Metz quarrelled with the teacher and decided to stab him to death, BFMTV TV channel reports.

The teenager carried a knife to the school, and later he called the police and said that he wanted to kill the teacher. The schoolboy was detained and placed in custody. According to the channel, there is no religious or terrorist motive in the case. It is about a conflict related to studies.

In October 2020, 18-year-old Chechen Abdulakh Anzorov beheaded a history teacher over a lecture with the Prophet Muhammad’s caricatures, watching him outside the college. He shared videos and photos of the massacre on social networks and messengers. In particular, Anzorov sent them to some Chechen channels in Telegram, in which the Islamic State terrorist group’s supporters gather. Later, the terrorist was shot.

French President Emmanuel Macron called the incident a terrorist attack. According to him, the teacher died for “teaching children freedom of speech, freedom to believe or not to believe.”

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