Teen almost burned because of a smart phone

An American teenager caught fire in his sleep because of an ignited charger.

According to media reports, 15-year-old Colton Pingree put a charging phone on his pillow and went to bed. At night, the guy woke up on the floor, feeling a burning pain in his back and feeling a persistent smell of burning.

“I looked around and saw that two blankets and a pillow were on fire. The explosion pushed me out of bed. I woke up in a panic,” Colton Pingree said.

The teenager independently tried to extinguish the fire, for which he took a burning charger and threw it into the toilet. Then he woke his father and told him what had happened.

“His back and arm were badly burned. We waited until morning and took him to the hospital,” the victim’s father added.

He explained that as a result of the “charger” explosion, tiny metal particles burned through his son’s back and arm, and scattered throughout the bedroom.

“Don’t sleep with your smartphones, as this can happen to anyone. I wasn’t ready for this either,” Pingree warns.

Author: Steve Cowan
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