Taylor Swift impresses fans in her bear costume

For American country singer Taylor Swift, 2020 has been a successful and fruitful year.

In July, the girl released the album Folklore, which debuted at number one in the US charts and was recognized as one of Taylor’s best works. Swift announced the second disc’s release in the fall, which again came as a complete surprise to everyone. The album Evermore with the title ballad Willow created an exploding bomb: the video for the song was watched by over 46 million users worldwide. Despite the obvious creative success of 2020, the American singer decided to hold it specially: in a brown bear costume.

Yes, yes, it was an artificial fur coat with a bear’s muzzle instead of a hood that adorned one of the most popular singers of our time on New Year’s Eve.

Recall, in addition to her active, creative work, Taylor devoted herself to charity this year. The country singer was imbued with single mothers’ stories without work in the midst of the pandemic and transferred the necessary sums of money to them. Thus, those in need could feel the atmosphere of Christmas and buy New Year gifts for children.

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