Taylor Swift fans think she married Joe Alvin

The details of her personal life, 30-year-old Taylor Swift, prefers to keep secret. The star has been dating actor Joe Alvin for more than four years, but he cannot stand his relationship in public.

But now her fans believe that she has already tied the knot with the actor. The reason for this was the announcement of her upcoming video for the song Willow from the new album Evermore. Taylor posted a photo in a Zimmermann dress, which her fans mistook for a wedding. According to the singer’s fans, she thus announced her marriage.

Others noted that given the star’s secrecy, they wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that Taylor and Joe have a daughter named Willow.

Relatives of 29-year-old Alvin, in turn, refused to refute the rumours about the marriage of the actor and singer.

Sorry, but I won’t say anything, one of Joe’s family members commented.

It is worth noting that Taylor has hinted at changes in her personal life more than once in her work. However, she always spoke in riddles, so her fans could only speculate about her relationship with the actor. However, the star herself not so long ago said that she was not yet ready for marriage.

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