Taylor Swift donated money to single mothers

Taylor Swift has donated financial assistance to two single mothers who are in a difficult situation due to the coronavirus. The Washington Post published the stories of two women seeking financial support from the GoFundMe crowdfunding platform. These stories caught the eye of the American singer Taylor Swift, and she could not pass by.

One of the mothers named Nikki owes her rent. The debt was so significant that the girl was not sure if she could arrange a Christmas party for her children.

“I was supposed to start work in May, but I was diagnosed with a coronavirus. I understand that I’m not the only one looking for work. My family hopes for your help before the holidays. I pray and believe in a miracle, ”Nikki wrote, and the miracle really happened. Taylor told the girl that she was “very brave to share her story.” And she added that she would be happy to send Nikki a gift in the amount of 5 thousand dollars.

The story of another single mother was more complicated. Before the pandemic, Shelby gave birth to a child who was hospitalized for 2 months. Shelby was torn between earning and caring for a newborn, and Taylor’s $ 13,000 financial aid was life-saving for her before Christmas. “No one should be under such stress, I wish you great family holidays,” added the singer.

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