Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were suspected of murder

Conspiracy-minded fans of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles conducted a little investigation. They suggested that a few years ago, the former couple knocked down a man and got rid of the body without telling the police, and now they hint at what they did in their songs. The reason for suspicion was the songs of Swift and Styles, which, according to some fans, contain references to the crime.

Taylor’s fans are used to the fact that her songs often contain hidden hints and so-called Easter eggs. How exactly the conspiracy theory began is difficult to determine. But the singer’s fans continue to share their guesses. So, someone suspects that Swift’s album “1989” is dedicated to Harry, and the track Welcome to New York (“Welcome to New York”) hints at the place where they hit the man.

Also, according to the “detectives”, the song I know places talks about the place where Taylor and Harry hid the body, the same theme allegedly continues in the song Out of the Woods.

Among Harry’s songs, Ever Since New York and Two Ghosts are considered to be hinting at crime.

The conspiracy theorists’ guesses were “confirmed” after Taylor released a video for the song No Body, No Crime.

Taylor and Harry themselves have not yet commented on fan discussions.

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