Tasmania is 100% self-sufficient in renewable electricity

Tasmania has announced that it can now fully provide its population with electricity from renewable sources. In the coming year, they will begin to generate even a little more energy than they need.

The Tasmanian government announced that it was the first Australian state and one of the world’s first jurisdictions to be fully powered by renewable energy sources.

Tasmanian Energy Secretary Guy Barnett said that the state has become completely self-sufficient and can only use electricity from the state’s wind and hydropower projects.

Simultaneously, the authorities noted that Tasmania has long been one of the cleanest sources of electricity in Australia, and the state’s large hydropower resources provide the bulk of the country’s electricity. The state began its journey towards renewable energy in 1895 by introducing the Duck Reach power plant in Launceston, making it the first state-owned hydroelectric power plant in the southern hemisphere.

We have achieved 100% clean energy levels through our commitment to realizing Tasmania’s clean energy potential through our policies and industry investments. This creates jobs across the state, particularly in our regions.

The authorities also noted that Tasmania was previously dependent on additional gas supplies and coal imports. However, with the growth of wind power in the state, they have reduced their dependence on additional fossil fuel-based electricity supplies.

Barnett noted that Tasmania had achieved 100% renewable energy supply by introducing one of the last wind turbines at the Granville Harbor power plant. The researchers will expand and increase the facility’s volume, which is located on the west coast of the state.

When they commission the last two turbines, Tasmania will have access to 10,741 GWh of renewable energy – far more than the state’s average annual electricity needs.

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