Taliban terrorists decided to marry fewer Wives and save on weddings

The leaders of the terrorist movement “Taliban” decided to oblige group members to take fewer wives to save on weddings. The BBC reports it.

It is noted that the Taliban emir, Khaybatullah Akhundzad, ordered the avoidance of second, third and fourth marriages unless necessary. The thing is that rumours have spread among the terrorists about the luxurious life of the leaders: they arrange magnificent weddings, and their wives settle separately from each other.

Also, the price of the bride’s ransom paid to her parents can be as high as $ 95,000. Due to the high waste of officials among the Taliban, there were rumours about the corruption of the “top” of the movement.

Akhundzada urged to reduce the number of wives so that officials could “protect themselves from accusations and shame.” His decree does not directly oblige group members to have more than one wife but decides to reduce the cost of weddings and the maintenance of a harem. The Taliban leader approved remarriage if the man has no children, no male heir, if she marries a widow, or if he is rich.

Author: Sam Smith
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