Taissa Farmiga secretly gets married

Taissa Farmiga, 26, shared on her Instagram that she had secretly married director Hadley Klein: “I married my best friend.”

The wedding took place on August 8, but the couple decided to open this news only now. Taken in the summer, the 37-year-old director and Taissa smile happily in a secret ceremony while hugging each other. The wedding took place during a pandemic, so the guests are not visible in the pictures. The girl herself appears in a white T-shirt with the inscription “Bride” on it.

Farmiga’s cousin Adriana comments on this post: “I love you guys very much.” Actress Nargis Rashidi also shares her impressions of the event: “Oh, what wonderful news! I congratulate you two! ” Amy Forsyth also did not stand aside: “Oh, congratulations, friends!” The groom himself left the following comment: “I am very grateful this year.”

On August 17, the girl also had a birthday, which the couple celebrated together. There is a note on Klein’s page about this: “Happy birthday, my super hot, cool wife. So happy to have a reason to stuff our mouths with sweets all week. ” Young people often joke about each other on social networks. So, Taissa did not miss the opportunity to call her beloved a fox, who becomes even more “fox” if he has pizza in his hands.

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