Senator Cruz will join lawmakers who intend to protest Biden’s victory

Cruz and several of his Republican colleagues have called for a commission to investigate allegations of election fraud. Senator Ted

The head of the US Department of Justice said that there is no large-scale fraud in the ...

William Barr said that he does not plan to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate such allegations. Justice Secretary-Attorney General

The head of the US Department of Justice blamed Russia for the cyber-attack on the government

At the same time, William Barr refused to answer other questions on this topic. US Attorney General William Barr argued

Trump: I have nothing to do with the possible prosecution of Hunter Biden

Earlier, the president-elect son said that the federal prosecutor’s office is investigating his tax affairs. President Donald Trump said Thursday

Trump said that the data available to him indicate that he won the election

The head of state is sure that he received hundreds of thousands of legitimate votes more than his rival. The

Trump will lose some of the leverage to challenge the election results

The next deadline for the US presidential election on Tuesday further delays the already unclear prospects of President Donald trump

Trump faces trial and jail

Donald Trump is preparing to leave the office. He does not admit defeat in the election, but his supporters, including

Georgia: the recalculation showed no significant changes in the results of the vote

District election authorities are due to finish their work on Friday. According to the results of a second recount, Democrat

The US Attorney General spoke about the progress of the case of “interference” of ...

US Attorney General William Barr said that the investigation of the FBI’s actions in the “Russian case” will continue under

The US Department of Justice did not detect large-scale election fraud

The US Department of Justice did not find violations of such a scale in the presidential election that could cast