Vice-President of the United States received a second dose of vaccine from coronavirus

Kamala Harris ‘ husband, Douglas Emhoff, has also been vaccinated. US Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband Douglas Emhoff

Biden signed executive order to start prison reform

The Justice Department will abandon the use of private prisons to detain people sentenced to imprisonment by federal courts. President

Biden, in a conversation with Stoltenberg, confirmed the US commitment to Euro-Atlantic solidarity

The US President and the NATO Secretary-General spoke by phone. On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden held telephone talks with

Putin and Biden spoke on the phone for the first time

During the conversation, the president touched upon the extension of the START, the fate of Navalny, and the Russian aggression

The WHO said that the United States confirmed its readiness for an equal dialogue within the ...

The representative of the organization Melita Vujinovic noted that the Director-General of the WHO thanked the White House for the

Biden says Trump’s impeachment supporters won’t get enough votes

At the same time, the new US president supported the impeachment of his predecessor. US President Joseph Biden supported the

Americans before entering the United States will confirm that they do not have COVID-19

The decree comes into force on January 26. The requirement of the US authorities, according to which from Tuesday, January

Biden decided to maintain restrictions on entry to the United States from the Schengen area

South Africa is also included in this list. US President Joseph Biden decided against the background of the pandemic to

The US Supreme Court rejected claims about Trump’s attempts to enrich himself at the expense ...

The lower courts, in which these cases were considered, recognized the claims as untenable. On Monday, the US Supreme Court

Biden lifted restrictions on transgender service in the US Armed Forces

According to the President of the United States, “America’s strength lies in its diversity.” US President Joseph Biden signed an