The developer of the voting machines filed a lawsuit against the lawyer of Trump

According to the NYT, the company wants to recover more than $1.3 billion from Giuliani for false claims that Dominion

Trump sought the appeal of the US Department of Justice to the Supreme Court to overturn the ...

According to the publication, the Republicans “put pressure” on this department, but the officials appointed by him “fought back.” Republican

The Senate confirmed the first member of the Cabinet of Biden

Avril Haines appointed Director of National Intelligence. The Senate confirmed the first member of President Joe Biden’s cabinet, approving the

The United States celebrates Martin Luther King Day

Due to the pandemic and the threat of violence, many events are held online. On Monday, Americans celebrate Martin Luther

Democrats collected enough votes to impeach Trump

At least 218 congressmen supported the resolution on the impeachment of Donald Trump. According to the publication, this number of

A court in Georgia again rejected Trump’s lawsuit demanding a review of the election results

The Republicans’ lawyers filed the corresponding claim on December 31. A court in the US state of Georgia has rejected

Trump said that Pence has the right to reject the results of the Electoral College vote

We are talking about the electoral votes from the disputed states. The current President of the United States, Donald Trump,

Senator Cruz will join lawmakers who intend to protest Biden’s victory

Cruz and several of his Republican colleagues have called for a commission to investigate allegations of election fraud. Senator Ted

Trump announced the start of The Big Protest Rally in the United States

The current US President Donald Trump announced a protest rally of his supporters on January 6. In a tweet, he

US Justice Department asked to dismiss the lawsuit following the election results

The US Department of Justice has asked the federal court of Texas to refuse to consider the lawsuit of Republicans