Dove that crossed the Pacific will be killed for violating quarantine

The racing pigeon traveled 13,000 kilometers across the Pacific Ocean from the United States to find a new home in

A pigeon from the United States may be killed in Australia

Australian authorities may kill a sports pigeon from the United States that crossed the Pacific Ocean and ended up in

WHO international team of experts arrived in Wuhan

An international team of WHO experts, which will investigate the origin of COVID-19, arrived in Wuhan, China, on Thursday, where

Bruce Willis was kicked out of the pharmacy for refusing to wear a protective mask

Die-hard star Bruce Willis on Monday refused to serve in one of the pharmacies in Los Angeles. The reason for

Pregnant Princess Eugenia returned to live with her parents

On New Year’s Eve, it became known that the 30-year-old Princess Eugenia left the Frogmore mansion, which was kindly provided

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be reunited with the royal family

According to foreign press insiders, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are planning to return to the UK and go

Selena Gomez Announces Season 2 of Her Cooking Show

Singer and actress Selena Gomez seems to be seriously interested in culinary experimentation. The girl decided to continue filming her

In the US, a congressman fell ill with COVID-19 after the first dose of Pfizer’s vaccine

A member of the US House of Representatives, Republican Kevin Brady, who received the first dose of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine

In five American states, cases of infection with the British strain of coronavirus were detected

We are talking about the states of Georgia, California, Colorado, New York, and Florida. American experts have recorded Georgia’s first

Armie Hammer reunited with children 5 months after divorce

On Saturday, the Social Network star posted a family photo from the Cayman Islands, where his ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers is