The Pentagon has blacklisted nine other companies from China, including Xiaomi

The companies are subject to a decree signed earlier by the US President banning American investments in Chinese companies associated,

At the F-35 fighter found almost 900 defects

The American F-35 fighter still has almost 900 defects that undermine the combat readiness of the aircraft. Bloomberg reports this

The mayor of Washington asked Trump to introduce a special regime in the capital

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser has asked US President Donald Trump to introduce a special regime in the capital in light

Trump will criticize the blocking of his social media accounts on January 11

According to CBS, the US administration intends to “safely wait out” the remaining 10 days of the Republican presidency. US

Pelosi discussed with the Pentagon leadership the possibility of “containing” Trump

According to CNN sources, Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives are ready to begin impeachment proceedings against the president.

The Pentagon condemned the seizure of the Capitol

Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller condemned Wednesday’s violence at the Capitol and promised a peaceful transfer of power to President-elect

There was a shooting in the US Congress building

One of the protesters received a gunshot wound in the chest in the American Congress building, NBC reported, citing sources.

The Pentagon has distributed nearly 20 million coronavirus vaccines in the United States in the ...

Earlier, US President-elect Joseph Biden said that the situation with the spread of infection in the country is likely to

In Georgia, the Senate election rivals are almost level

99% of the votes have already been counted. The Pentagon advised the new US administration to review national security strategies

The Nimitz aircraft carrier will remain in the Persian Gulf

The Pentagon’s acting head explained his order with threats against Trump and the US authorities, which were “expressed by Iranian