Stock indexes in the United States declined

The main factor influencing investor sentiment was information about Joseph Biden’s plans to spend $1.9 trillion to fight the consequences

The US expands sanctions against Iran

The United States has expanded sanctions against Iran, including 16 industrial organizations and two people, according to the website of

The US Department of Energy raised its forecast for the price of Brent oil in 2021

We are talking about $52.7 per barrel against $48.53, which was mentioned earlier. The US Department of Energy raised its

Bright prospects: how much will oil cost in 2021

Oil prices are at their highest level in eight months. This is how the market reacted to the news about

Samsung launches solar TV remote control

Samsung introduced a solar TV remote control. One of the features of the novelty is batteries with solar cells. They

OPEC+ countries agreed to increase Russia’s oil production

OPEC+ countries have reached an agreement on the terms of the deal for February and March. The current oil production

The price of WTI oil futures exceeded $50 per barrel for the first time since February 2020

As the CNBC TV Company notes, the increase in the cost occurs against the background of the ongoing meeting of

Saudi Arabia and its allies have reconciled with Qatar

After three years of diplomatic conflict and a trade blockade, a group of Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia and

The US urges Iran to release the South Korean tanker immediately

The United States is calling on Iran to release the detained South Korean tanker immediately, a State Department official told.

South Korea asks Iran to release detained ship

South Korea is aware of the detention of its vessel by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz and has already