North Korea’s new missile turned out to be a mockup

The Pukkykson-5s ballistic missile, demonstrated by the North Korean authorities at the parade as “the world’s most powerful weapon,” is

“The most powerful weapon in the world”: the DPRK showed an underwater ballistic missile

North Korea showed a new submarine ballistic missile. On January 14, a military parade was held in the DPRK in

Kim Jong Un promised to strengthen North Korea’s nuclear arsenal

Earlier, the North Korean leader said that the “real intentions” of the United States towards his country “will never change.”

North Korea has realized that negotiations with the United States lead to nothing

North Korea has realized that the US position towards North Korea does not change, no matter what administration comes to

Salute over deserted cities: the world meets 2021

In many countries, traditional holiday celebrations have been canceled due to the pandemic. As every year, the sky above the

Biden will nominate Kathleen Hicks to the post of Deputy Defense Minister

If confirmed by the Senate, she will be the first woman to hold the post. President-elect Joe Biden said Wednesday

Hackers from North Korea attacked pharmaceutical companies in the United States, Britain, and South ...

Sources of the newspaper WSJ do not specify whether hackers managed to access any information about coronavirus vaccines. Hackers from

Pompeo explained the introduction of new sanctions against Russian companies

Washington’s sanctions this week against Russian and Chinese companies are related to deliveries as part of Iran’s missile program, US

The US has imposed sanctions against three Russian companies

Sanctions imposed for violating the law on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction against Iran, Syria, and North Korea.

Biden spoke with the leaders of Japan, South Korea, and Australia

Key US allies in the Asia-Pacific region expressed their willingness to work with the President-elect. Leaders of key US allies