China completes its First Supercarrier

At the Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai, the construction of the first of two Chinese Supercarriers of type 002 is nearing

The surge in the COVID-19 pandemic has led to job losses in the United States

The Ministry of Labor recorded the reduction in employment for the first time since April last year. In December, the

The US will leave the aircraft carrier Nimitz in the Middle East because of the ...

Acting Head of the Pentagon Christopher Miller said that he ordered to suspend the aircraft carrier’s planned relocation. The nuclear-powered

A woman became the commander of an aircraft carrier for the first time in history

Captain Amy N. Bauernschmidt has been appointed commanding officer of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln. This is the first

US intelligence believes that Iran may be preparing a strike on American forces

The Pentagon has information that Iran wants to avenge the murder of General Suleimani, the TV channel reported. US intelligence

Missile submarine and two cruisers, the United States entered into the Persian Gulf

The statement from the US Navy’s 5th fleet did not explain how long Georgia, Port Royal, and the Philippine Sea

The United States called the countries-threats to “global peace”

Russia and China are the two main “threats” to maritime dominance in an era of “global peace and prosperity,” according

Boeing’s tanker drone makes its first flight

Boeing engineers have presented an autonomous drone that can refuel aircraft. Because of them, pilots can concentrate on their direct

The British appreciated the training of Russian nuclear forces

The British tabloid The Daily Mail reported on Russian nuclear forces’ training, accompanying the material with words about “preparing for

The threat of war looms over the US and China

The threat of inciting war loomed over the United States and China because of the exercises with the firing of