Biden has nominated candidates for the posts of Deputy Secretary of State

US President-elect Joe Biden has named his candidates for Deputy Secretary of State posts, including veterans of the State Department

Poland challenges the US

The Polish Ministry of Justice is preparing a bill that will prohibit social networks from deleting messages and blocking users

The United States was transferred to Romania attack drones

The US Air Force’s command has transferred reconnaissance strike uncrewed aerial vehicles of the US Air Force MQ-9 Reaper and

Ukraine is developing a new roadmap for relations with the United States

Kyiv wants to build an effective dialogue with the new administration of the US president and to develop a new

Turkey and the United States formed a working group on the S-400

Earlier, Tayyip Erdogan stressed that Washington’s intentions to impose sanctions against Ankara over the acquisition of the S-400 are a

Germany will not change its position on the “Nord stream-2” when the US leadership ...

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas acknowledged that Berlin and Washington have disagreements on some topics, including this project. The German

In the US, the Start-3 Treaty was called a bad deal

The United States is not interested in extending the strategic arms reduction Treaty (STCW-3) in its current form, said the

German General reveals NATO’s biggest fear

Russia “definitely” can be called “the main threat to NATO, the country is building up weapons,” but also actively engaged

National Interest lists Russia-related threats to the United States

The American edition of the National Interest called on the US leadership to reconsider its foreign policy towards Russia and

The head of the Pentagon visited Afghanistan with an unannounced visit in advance

Christopher Miller met with President Ghani and the commander of the US forces, General Scott Miller. Acting Secretary of Defense