Trump ordered to cut government purchases from China

The purpose of the order is to reduce the vulnerability of electronic communication systems. The President of the United States,

The National Guard will send 20 thousand fighters to Washington for Biden’s inauguration

More than 20 thousand National Guard soldiers may be involved in ensuring order in Washington on the eve of US

Biden nominates Samantha Power to head USAID

According to a statement posted on the website, President-elect Joe Biden has nominated former Permanent Representative to the United Nations

Storming the Capitol: more than 170 people can become defendants in criminal cases

Several dozen have already been charged. WASHINGTON-US prosecutors said they had identified more than 170 people who may face criminal

China reacted sharply to Johnson’s words about the origin of the coronavirus

In China, they reacted to the statements of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson about those responsible for the coronavirus pandemic.

The head of the Hong Kong administration again accused the United States of pursuing a policy of ...

Carrie Lam, commenting on the storming of the Capitol by supporters of US leader Donald Trump, noted that in this

Trump on Monday presents the Medal of Freedom to Congressman Jim Jordan

A White House statement called Jordan “one of the most influential congressmen of his generation.” On Monday, US President Donald

The mayor of Washington called for a ban on all gatherings in the city until January 24

According to her letter, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser called on the Interior Department to revoke all permits to hold mass

Iraq estimated the US sanctions to the leader of the Shiite militia

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry expressed bewilderment at the introduction of US sanctions against former national security adviser Faleh Al-Fayyadh, who

Theft of papers from the Capitol called a threat to national security

Acting US Attorney in Washington Mike Sherwin expressed concern for the United States’ national security in connection with the theft