The Trump administration out of the negotiations on the package of economic assistance

Negotiating with Democrats will be entrusted to the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate. The Trump administration will

The number of applications for unemployment benefits in the US continues to decline

At the same time, a new surge in coronavirus infection threatens the economic recovery. The Labor Department on Thursday reported

Senate: the final vote on Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination

The day before, the Senate voted to end the debate on this issue, setting the stage for the final vote.

Trump welcomed the Senate Committee’s decision on Barrett’s nomination

In connection with the vote results in the Committee, the President called October 22 an important day for America. President

Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett

The vote, which Democrats boycotted, opens the way for the full Senate to consider the candidate. On Thursday, the Republican-controlled

Most Americans support Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination

According to a Gallup poll, a larger number of US residents favor Barrett’s appointment than the other two Supreme Court

Pelosi reported progress in the negotiations on the aid package in connection with the coronavirus

The speaker said that an agreement with the administration should be reached no later than Tuesday, but Republicans condemned her

Trump refused to negotiate with Democrats on an economic aid package

Presidential candidate Joe Biden accused the President of turning his back on Americans. President Donald Trump, still undergoing treatment for

The White House told about the symptoms of coronavirus in Trump

US President Donald Trump has “mild symptoms” of the coronavirus, his spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said. She added that the head

Judge Barrett meets with senators

Republican senators want to confirm Barrett to the Supreme Court as soon as possible. Justice Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump’s