Xiaomi after Huawei hit the US blacklist

As we wrote earlier, the Donald Trump administration, on the eve of the inauguration of the new president, published a

“The most powerful weapon in the world”: the DPRK showed an underwater ballistic missile

North Korea showed a new submarine ballistic missile. On January 14, a military parade was held in the DPRK in

Xiaomi shares plunge 11% after it was blacklisted in the US

At the opening of trading, the company’s securities fell to HK $ 29 per unit. Shares of one of China’s

Donald Trump administration imposed sanctions on Xiaomi, but problems like Huawei shouldn’t ...

The Donald Trump administration, ahead of the inauguration of the new president, has published a sanctions list of Chinese companies,

The Pentagon has blacklisted nine other companies from China, including Xiaomi

The companies are subject to a decree signed earlier by the US President banning American investments in Chinese companies associated,

At the F-35 fighter found almost 900 defects

The American F-35 fighter still has almost 900 defects that undermine the combat readiness of the aircraft. Bloomberg reports this

Kim Jong Un promised to strengthen North Korea’s nuclear arsenal

Earlier, the North Korean leader said that the “real intentions” of the United States towards his country “will never change.”

Trump signed a decree on low-power nuclear reactors in the defense and space spheres

The document notes that mobile nuclear reactors have been used for a long time by the US armed forces to

Turkish court sentenced preacher to 1075 years in prison

The Istanbul court sentenced the well-known Islamic preacher Adnan Oktar, accused under several articles, to 1075 years in prison, NTV

Former Capitol Police Chief told of attempts to get reinforcements

The former head of the Capitol police in Washington, Stephen Sund, said that he unsuccessfully asked the security services and