The United States included the Interior Minister of Cuba in the sanctions list

The United States has placed Cuban Interior Minister Lazaro Alberto Alvarez Casas on the sanctions list for “human rights violations,”

Iran’s Foreign Minister calls Pompeo a liar

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called the US accusations against Tehran in connection with the terrorist group Al-Qaeda fiction.

China opposes US decision to recognize Cuba as a sponsor of terrorism

China opposes political pressure on Cuba from the United States under the pretext of fighting terrorism, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao

The United States has included Cuba in the list of countries that sponsor terrorism

The United States has included Cuba in the list of countries that sponsor terrorism, said US Secretary of State Mike

The Houthis have threatened to respond to the US if they are included in the list of terrorists

The Yemeni movement “Ansar Allah” (Houthis), which has ruled in northern Yemen since 2014 after the removal of President Abdu

The US State Department intends to include the Houthis in the list of terrorist organizations

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Washington’s intention to include the Houthi movement, Ansar Allah, in the list of

Pence is willing to accept 25 the amendment for the removal of Trump

US Vice President Mike Pence did not rule out that the 25th Amendment of the Constitution may be applied to

American diplomats demand from Pompeo to condemn trump because of the riots

US diplomats call on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to condemn incumbent President Donald Trump for rioting in the Capitol

After the unrest in the Capitol, several more people left the Trump administration

Former White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney announced his resignation on Thursday. Former White House chief of Staff Mick

Chinese Foreign Ministry: the US ‘will pay a heavy price’ for meddling in Hong Kong

The United States will pay a high price for interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs; the actions of the States undermine