Warner Bros. does not take the petition to fire Amber Heard seriously

The scandalous Johnny Depp ex-spouse Amber Heard is back in the spotlight. But if the hype is not good for

Benedict Cumberbatch will play Doctor Strange in Spider-Man 3

The Hollywood Reporter in exclusive material reports that in the upcoming movie ‘Spider-Man 3’ Benedict Cumberbatch will again play the

Spider-Man 3 to be filming next week in New York

Marvel Studios and Sony are finally ready to begin production of the third Spider-Man film in the Homecoming Trilogy. According

Ryan Reynolds will remove Chris Hemsworth as the highest-paid Marvel actor

Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios never officially comment on actors’ salaries. But insider Daniel Richtman reports that negotiations are currently

A man in a Hulk costume smashed a Trump star on the “Walk of fame”

An unidentified man dressed as the Marvel Comics character Hulk smashed “beyond recognition,” the star of US President Donald Trump

David Harbor “apologized” for postponing “Black Widow” to 2021

Actor David Harbor posted on Instagram a post in which he apologized to fans for the delay in the release

Captain Marvel star Brie Larson shares rare photos with boyfriend

Brie Larson recently spoke live with the editor of Wired and was interviewed by her boyfriend, actor and director Elijah

Samuel L Jackson returns to as Nick Fury on Disney+ series

Variety, citing an informed source, reports that Samuel L. Jackson will return to the role of Nick Fury in the

Film “Cherry” with Tom Holland to be shown on Apple’s stream service

According to Deadline, Apple has acquired the exclusive rights to show the film Cherry, which is scheduled to release in

The producer of “National Treasure” with Nicolas Cage explained why the third part did ...

The films “National Treasure” in 2004 and “National Treasure: A Book of Secrets” in 2007 were very successful at the