Acting Head of the Pentagon said that the US military “it’s time to go home”

The first address of the new acting Secretary of Defense to the US military indicates Trump’s intentions to withdraw the

The media revealed the contents of a secret letter from the former Defense Secretary to Trump

Former US Defense Secretary Mark Esper shortly before his dismissal sent a secret letter to President Donald Trump, which concerned

Trump announces the resignation of the US Secretary of Defense

US President Donald Trump said he had dismissed Defense Secretary Mark Esper. Christopher Miller, director of the National Anti-Terrorism Center,

India and the United States have announced their intention to develop bilateral defense cooperation

The parties also confirmed their commitment to expanding cooperation between the Indian military and the US Central Command and the

State Secretary Pompeo arrives in India as part of a tour of Asia

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in India on Monday as part of a five-day tour of Asia to

The head of the Pentagon presented a new US defense initiative at a meeting of NATO Defense ...

Mark Esper drew the meeting’s attention to the growing threats from Russia and China. US Defense Secretary Mark Esper attended

The US military leadership assures that the quarantine does not affect the country’s defense ...

High-ranking military leaders self-isolated due to contact with coronavirus patients. WASHINGTON – The head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,

The Pentagon plans to increase the power of the Navy radically

The Pentagon plans to increase the number of naval vessels to 530, Defense News reports, citing Department documents. According to

US to reduce military contingent in Afghanistan by the end of November

The US plans to reduce the number of troops deployed in Afghanistan by the end of November from the current

Pompeo praised the ability of the US to contain Russia

The US decision on the withdrawal of almost 12 thousand troops from Germany and their relocation to other European countries