Bolton gave an outlook on the relations between the US and Russia under Biden

According to former national security adviser to Donald Trump John Bolton, relations between Russia and the United States after the

Bolton: Trump has no evidence of election fraud

US President Donald Trump, running for a second term, has no evidence of election fraud in favor of Democrat Joe

The Justice Department has launched an investigation into the disclosure of classified information ...

It is reported that, according to the Ministry, the disclosure of this information may threaten national security. The US Department

Trump scolded Bolton for words about letters from Kim Jong-Un

US President Donald Trump called ex-national security adviser John Bolton a jerk for his words about correspondence with North Korean

Maduro said that Trump “approved” his murder

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that the US President Donald Trump approved his murder, now there is a search for

Bolton: the White House discussed the resumption of nuclear tests

Some representatives of the administration were against it. Over the past two years, White House officials have discussed the possibility

Zarif said that Iran never took Bolton’s statements seriously

Iran has never taken seriously the statements of former US national security adviser John Bolton about Russia’s attitude to Iran

Portraits of Clinton and Bush were in the dining room of the White House

Portraits of two former democratic presidents-bill Clinton and George W. Bush – were hung from the main foyer of the

Bolton advised treating Trump as an “anomaly”

A former assistant to the US President for national security, John Bolton, in an interview published on Friday with the

Bolton said it was possible to stop “Nord stream-2”

The “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline allegedly harms Europe and the United States, the construction of the project can still be