Astronomers have revealed how magnetar outbreaks occur and why they fly to Earth

A short burst of high-energy light swept across the solar system on April 15, triggering many space instruments, including those

A Crack was found on ISS

The International Space Station (ISS) discovered a new crack. “So far we have found one, and another place is under

12 bottles of wine returned to Earth after a year on the ISS

Twelve bottles of wine were sent from the International Space Station (ISS) to Earth: it was brought there to study

Two patches did not help fix the air leak on the ISS

The cosmonauts said that oxygen is still leaking on the Russian Zvezda module of the ISS. As the astronauts said

The sleigh of Santa Claus has issued a license to fly

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted Santa Claus and his “reindeer-drawn sleigh” special powers to deliver cargo directly

Radishes were grown in space for the first time

A NASA astronaut has grown radishes in microgravity. The vegetable can now be used during long flights to the Moon

See the ISS flying between Jupiter and Saturn

Astrophotographers and space enthusiasts worldwide have recently witnessed the convergence of Jupiter and Saturn in the night sky. The planets

SpaceX launches rocket with US secret giant satellite

The Falcon 9 launch vehicle was launched with the NROL-108 satellite to perform a mission of the National Office of

Exploration: spiders in space began to orient themselves towards light

Scientists from NASA have found that spiders use light as an additional source of information for navigation. They begin to

In the US, the selection of astronauts for a flight to the moon has been completed

The United States has completed the selection of astronauts for the lunar program “Artemis,” they will make a flight and