Trump: Iran-linked forces may attack US targets in Iraq

US President Donald Trump has not ruled out that forces linked to Iran may try to attack US assets in

Iran supplies medical supplies to circumvent US sanctions

Britain, France, and Germany have activated the trade mechanism created after the US withdrew from the nuclear agreement. Germany, Britain,

Tehran claims that ex-FBI agent Levinson left Iran many years ago

Levinson’s family is convinced that he died in Iran in custody. Official Tehran said on Thursday that a former FBI

Pompeo called on Iran to report on the fate of FBI agent Levinson

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo demanded that Tehran report on the fate of American Robert Levinson, who allegedly died

Iran’s Foreign Minister has threatened the US with a “perpetual pandemic” due to ...

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called for an end to Washington’s sanctions, asking whether the US, which itself needs

The US has expanded sanctions against Iran

The US expanded the sanctions lists for Iran, adding 5 organizations and 15 people, according to a statement on the

The US has imposed new sanctions in connection with Iran

Nine legal entities and three individuals whose activities contribute to the financing of the Iranian regime have been sanctioned. The

In Iraq, a base with the US and British military was shelled

Missiles hit the Taji military base in Iraq, where British and American troops are stationed. A few kilometers south of

Iran has threatened the US and Israel with a strike if they make a mistake

Iran will strike the United States and Israel if they make a mistake, said Hossein Salami, commander of the Islamic

Trump plans to hold a meeting with the President of Iraq at the economic forum in Davos

The forum will be held from 21 to 24 January. WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump plans to hold talks