In Washington, will limit the work of transport during the inauguration

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser warned of possible restrictions on the transport system around the US capital to ensure security in

The governor of New York proposed to legalize marijuana to replenish the state treasury

If this initiative is approved, the treasury will receive about $300 million annually. New York State authorities intend to partially

Schwarzenegger called Trump the worst US president in history

The actor stressed that the current head of state tried to organize a coup, convincing people of lies. American actor

George H. W. Bush’s sister dies

The cause of death of 94-year-old Nancy Ellis was complications caused by a coronavirus. The sister of the 41st President

Biden will nominate the mayor of Boston to the post of Minister of Labor

The President-elect considers the governor of Rhode Island as the top candidate for the Secretary of Commerce. President-elect Joe Biden

The Governor of Maryland called on Pence to take the manual the US

The Governor of the US state of Maryland, Larry Hogan, calls on US Vice President Mike Pence to take over

The Governor of New York described the storming of the Capitol as a failed coup

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called the events in Washington a failed coup attempt. “The cornerstone of our democracy is

Schwarzenegger denounced Trump’s attempts to challenge the election

Actor, former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, criticized US President Donald Trump’s attempts to challenge the results of the presidential

In five American states, cases of infection with the British strain of coronavirus were detected

We are talking about the states of Georgia, California, Colorado, New York, and Florida. American experts have recorded Georgia’s first

New York to create round-the-clock coronavirus vaccination centers

The first three such centers will open in the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. New York City authorities