The developer of the voting machines filed a lawsuit against the lawyer of Trump

According to the NYT, the company wants to recover more than $1.3 billion from Giuliani for false claims that Dominion

White House wants to persuade Congress to pass COVID-19 aid package

The proposed amount of aid has already angered some Republicans. One of President Joe Biden’s top economic aides on Sunday

A police officer in the USA rammed a crowd of street racers

In the United States, a police officer rammed a crowd of street race participants in an SUV, which surrounded a

Indexes on US stock exchanges rose on the background of Biden’s inauguration

According to Fox News experts, the signing of decrees, including plans for returning the United States to the WHO, the

In the United States, mailboxes were removed before Biden’s inauguration

In several cities in the United States, mailboxes were temporarily removed in connection with the upcoming inauguration of Joe Biden,

Trump lost his sponsor: billionaire Sheldon Adelson has left the life

Sheldon Adelson, the founder of Las Vegas Sands, which owns casinos in Las Vegas, Macau, and Singapore, has died at

Republicans blocked Trump’s Immediate Removal under the 25th Amendment

Congressmen from the Republican Party of the United States blocked the resolution of the Democratic Party to remove the current

What happens near the Capitol in Washington the day after its capture?

In the US capital, the morning of January 7 came. Yesterday, protesters seized the Capitol and interrupted the approval of

Four people killed in riots in Washington

During the riots in Washington, four people were killed, said police chief Robert Conti. “One Capitol police officer fired a

The rally of Trump supporters in Washington ended in a clash with the police

There were clashes between supporters of US President Donald Trump and the police in Washington, reports the Fox News channel.