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Deer were domesticated a thousand years earlier than previously thought

An anthropologist at the University of Alberta has discovered what may be the earliest evidence of deer domestication in the

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A coronavirus pandemic grips the planet; news resources are vying to publish more and more shocking details. However, not all

EU countries will start opening their external borders in July

The European Commission recommended that member states of the European Union cancel internal border controls from June 15, and after

Global markets show a decline after Powell’s statement

The Fed’s forecast dampened hopes for a rapid recovery from the pandemic. Global markets on Thursday showed a sharp decline

Ford and Volkswagen alliance sign formal partnership agreements

Formally, the Ford and Volkswagen concerns entered into an alliance last year, but then the parties made only forward-looking statements,

The EU sees no reason to lift sanctions against Moscow

The EU leadership sees no reason to lift sanctions against Russia because of the coronavirus pandemic. The continuation of restrictive

“Fort Trump” will not be: the US has abandoned the idea of a new military base in Poland

Negotiations on the construction of “Fort Trump” failed due to disagreements over the financing and location of the future military

In Spain, windmills are put in the water: this is how the country fights global warming

In windmills that stand in the water, they see a new way of extracting clean energy. The idea is to

Donald Trump: 5 children from 3 marriages-how do the children of the US President live?

The current President of the United States is Donald Trump. He actively attracts all family members to his activities, which