Stoltenberg: the EU will not be able to protect Europe alone and needs the presence of US troops

The NATO Secretary-General also said that the Alliance members should not refuse to increase defense spending, even despite the financial

The head of the European Council invited Biden to a special meeting of EU leaders in 2021

In a conversation with Joe Biden on Monday, the head of the European Council, Charles Michel, invited him to participate

The European Union criticized the execution of the death sentence in the United States

The European Union expressed “deep concern” over executing a Federal death sentence on November 19 in the United States, an

Erdogan said that Turkey is committed to European integration

Turkey is determined to continue the course of European integration to build its future with Europe, Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan

The House of Representatives voted against Russia’s participation in the Group of seven ...

Now the initiative will have to be considered by the Senate. The House of Representatives of the US Congress has

The US hopes for a change in Russia’s position on the Start Treaty

The United States believes that “for some reason, it is difficult for Moscow to agree” to limit the number of

Renewables accounted for 90% of global capacity added in 2020

Despite the slowdown in electricity growth due to the COVID-19 pandemic, renewables have surged in 2020, according to the International

Erdogan has called for a boycott of French goods

The Turkish President called on European leaders to stop the “campaign of hatred” allegedly launched by French President Macron. Turkish

World’s First Atlas of Surface Waters combines satellite data over 35 years

The Joint Research Center of the European Commission (JRC) has created an Atlas of Global Surface Water Dynamics. It graphically

UK imposes sanctions on GRU officers over cyber-attacks on Germany

London, along with EU partners responding to attacks aimed at undermining Western democracies. The UK will impose visa and financial