China launches experimental satellite for 6G

Chinese authorities have launched the first satellite that can be used for sixth-generation communications. At the same time, the technology

American political scientist announced the impending war with China

The renowned American political scientist Christopher Lane is convinced that the United States and China, fueled by the competition for

Drone taught to predict volcanic eruptions

The drone was taught to predict volcanic eruptions. To do this, the device calculates the ratio of sulfur to carbon

Arctic ice offered to be saved with reflective glass

California-based non-profit organization Arctic Ice Project has proposed to slow down the melting of glaciers in the Arctic with reflective

The US military prepares for the fall to Earth of a giant asteroid

The US military has been preparing for the fall of a giant asteroid on Earth for four months. This statement

Microsoft to create AI for nationwide disaster warning system

Microsoft will develop an artificial intelligence model for the US to help predict and manage natural disasters. Engineers are confident

Look at Earth in a different color: there was a photo of the mountains of Australia from the ...

The many colorful curves and folds of the Flinders Ridge – the largest mountain range in South Australia – are

Trump said that Biden will destroy the American energy industry

The President accused the “radical left” of seeking to destroy the oil and gas industry. WASHINGTON – During a visit

COVID-19 Restrictions Lead to 50% Global Earth Vibration Reduction

The lack of human activity during the blockage resulted in human-related vibrations on Earth declining by an average of 50%

Another possible cause of the death of the Mayan civilization is named

Hurricanes in the Caribbean became more frequent, and their severity changed markedly around the same time that classical Mayan culture