The US Treasury Department allowed financial transactions with the opposition of Venezuela to ...

To do this, the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of the Treasury has distributed the so-called

Maduro: Venezuela unsuccessfully asked to unfreeze its funds to buy a vaccine

The President of the republic said that the money “was frozen and stolen in England, Portugal, Spain, and the United

The US imposes sanctions on two Venezuelan officials

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the imposition of sanctions on the judge and prosecutor who led the case against

The US imposes new sanctions on Venezuela

The Trump administration said that individuals and companies responsible for rigging the elections in favor of Maduro should be punished.

The socialists won 91 percent of the seats in the Venezuelan parliamentary elections

The National Electoral Council of Venezuela published data on the distribution of seats in the unicameral Parliament based on the

The United States continues to support the interim President of Venezuela Juan Guaido

This is stated in a statement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “The United States continues to support interim President

EU countries have approved a new sanctions regime for human rights violations

From December 8, EU States can propose candidates for the inclusion of foreign defendants in the sanctions lists in accordance

Maduro called the reason for the victory of the socialists in the elections in Venezuela

One of the reasons for the high results of the socialist alliance in the parliamentary elections in Venezuela was the

The socialists won 68.4% of the vote in the Venezuelan parliamentary elections

The Alliance of socialist parties of Venezuela, based on counting 98.63% of ballots, is gaining more than 68% of votes

London does not recognize Maduro’s victory in Parliament

The UK does not recognize the results of the elections in Venezuela. The British foreign office issued a statement saying