MIT Scientists Challenge AI to Solve Nuclear Energy Problem in Game Form

In a new study, scientists have shown how deep reinforcement learning can design more efficient nuclear reactors. The success of

Invented an electric plane that uses air energy to charge batteries

Polish designer Michal Bonikovski has figured out how to make airplanes a more sustainable mode of transport. He suggested using

Scientists have presented a way to split water with 100% efficiency

Researchers in Japan have unveiled a new catalyst that can break down water. They want a clean energy source –

Scientists have discovered a way to extract the element for “green” energy

Scientists from Ireland have discovered a way to form a mineral that is needed to produce clean energy. It can

China first tested nuclear-powered “artificial sun”

For the first time, Chinese scientists have tested a thermonuclear reactor called the “artificial sun.” It is 13 times hotter

A new microorganism has been created: it turns cardboard boxes into biodiesel

The current method of producing biodiesel is limited due to the unreliable availability of raw materials. Scientists have created a

Tasmania is 100% self-sufficient in renewable electricity

Tasmania has announced that it can now fully provide its population with electricity from renewable sources. In the coming year,

Scientists have built tiny microbial factories based on drops

Microbial factories that produce hydrogen instead of oxygen when exposed to daylight in the air will help create a clean

Researchers have developed clean energy from graphene for the first time

A team of physicists from the University of Arkansas has developed a circuit capable of trapping the thermal motion of

There was a way to improve the fusion reactor

In the USA, they came up with a way to increase the efficiency of thermonuclear reactors several times. To do