Biden presented a plan to stimulate the American economy by $1.9 trillion

About $400 billion is expected to be allocated directly to the fight against the pandemic; about $1 trillion should be

Apple’s new gadgets to be unveiled

Apple will release a new smartphone and headphones in the spring. The Japanese edition of MacOtakara reports this. According to

The governor of New York proposed to legalize marijuana to replenish the state treasury

If this initiative is approved, the treasury will receive about $300 million annually. New York State authorities intend to partially

Ex-White House staffer says GOP will turn its back on Trump

Former acting chief of staff of the White House staff Mick Mulvaney believes that the current state head will inevitably

Lava MyZ is presented – a smartphone, the characteristics of which can be chosen by yourself

The Indian company Lava, which is not very well known outside its home market, has presented several budget smartphones. The

After the unrest in the Capitol, several more people left the Trump administration

Former White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney announced his resignation on Thursday. Former White House chief of Staff Mick

Lawmakers called for a review of the Capitol police after the storming of the building

The day before, participants of a rally in support of Trump broke into the Capitol. US lawmakers have called for

Samsung has officially unveiled a new cheap smartphone Galaxy M02s

Today Samsung has officially unveiled the new budget smartphone Galaxy M02s. The new model received a 6.5-inch LCD display with

Trump criticized the Senate for the decision on the defense budget for 2021

The current President of the United States, Donald Trump, criticized the Senate for overcoming his veto on the defense budget

The US Senate approved the defense budget despite the veto Trump

More than two-thirds of the members of the upper house voted for the document. The US Senate approved the defense