Cara Delevingne became the highest paid British model in 2020

English actress and model Cara Delevingne was the wealthiest model in Britain in 2020. According to The Sun, the 28-year-old

Kanye West will live in London after a divorce from Kim Kardashian

American rapper Kanye West is considering moving to London for the preaching work after his divorce from TV star and

The US Golf Association has refused to hold one of the most important tournaments on the Trump golf ...

PGA Championship course in 2022 will not be held at the complex in New Jersey. The Professional Golf Players Association

In Britain, they will start emergency vaccination of doctors from COVID-19

According to a letter from the leadership of hospitals and nursing homes, about three million health and social workers will

In Britain, they called on Trump to apologize for the actions of supporters in the Capitol

Acting US President Donald Trump should condemn his supporters’ actions who broke into the Capitol yesterday, says British Health Minister

Princess Eugenie spoke frankly about her health problems

Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter never hid the large scar left after the treatment of a rare curvature of the spine: for

In England, the third national lockdown is introduced

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the introduction of a third national lockdown in England due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Iran announced a sharp increase in the level of uranium enrichment

Iran has increased the level of uranium enrichment at the Fordow nuclear facility to 20 percent. This was announced by

British Prime Minister’s father requested French citizenship after “Brexit”

Johnson Sr. is a former Conservative Party politician who represented the United Kingdom in the European Parliament from 1979 to

Trump topped the list of men most admired in 2020

US President-elect Joseph Biden, US chief infectious Diseases Specialist Anthony Fauci, and Pope Francis also made it to the top