Boris Johnson prepared for a complete no-deal exit from the EU

The UK is ready to leave the EU’s single market and customs union without a new free trade agreement. Prime

Maas said the negative impact of the pandemic on “Brexit” negotiations

The coronavirus pandemic has complicated negotiations with the UK on “Brexit,” many issues are still open. Still, the EU is

Johnson and the head of the EC stressed the importance of reaching an agreement on ...

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a telephone conversation with the head of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der

The EU has officially notified the UK of “Brexit” violations

The European Union is starting proceedings with the UK over the internal market bill, whose provisions contradict the “Brexit” agreement.

EU summit postponed for a week due to Michel’s quarantine

Sanctions against the Lukashenko regime are among the issues on the agenda at the summit. President of the European Council

“Sherlock” and “Black Mirror” director to tackle “Rogue One” ...

Earlier it was reported that the series about Cassian Andor will be written and directed by Tony Gilroy, the scriptwriter

Johnson called the deadline for the conclusion of the bargain for “Brexit” with the EU

The UK and the EU have until October 15 to agree on a “Brexit” trade deal. Otherwise, an agreement will

Chinese Ambassador urges Britain not to send aircraft carrier to Asia-Pacific

Chinese Ambassador to London Liu Xiaoming called on the British authorities to cancel plans to send the aircraft carrier Queen

Merkel: EU should prepare for “Brexit” without an agreement

At the same time, the German leader promised to continue working on an agreement with Britain. Germany will continue efforts

The UK begins to impose sanctions against human rights violators

After leaving the EU, the country has developed its own sanctions regime, including visa bans and asset freezes. LONDON-Britain on