In Indonesia, reported on the attraction of the United States to the investigation of the Boeing ...

The authorities of Singapore and the United States want to assist in searching, decoding flight recorders, and investigating the causes

Indonesian plane crash black boxes discovered

Found the black boxes of the crashed Indonesian plane Boeing 737. AFP reports on its Twitter page. Earlier on January

The wreckage of the Boeing 737 that crashed in Indonesia has been found

The Indonesian Air Force has prepared two helicopters and an aircraft to help conduct a search and rescue operation at

Passenger Boeing falls into water near Jakarta

A passenger plane of the Indonesian company Sriwijaya Air with dozens of people fell into the water, wreckage and body

Passenger plane departing from Jakarta disappears from radar

Lost connection with a passenger plane of the Indonesian airline Sriwijaya Air. The Flight Radar service reports this. Flight SJ182

Aviation deaths rise in 2020 despite pandemic

The number of fatalities in plane crashes in 2020 rose to 299, 42 more than in 2019. Simultaneously, the number

The US decided to increase duties on some goods from the EU

According to the agency, duties are increasing, including on aircraft parts and certain types of non-sparkling wines. Members of the

Iran will pay the families of those killed in the crash of the Ukrainian plane near Tehran 150 ...

Iran has agreed to pay the families of the victims of the crash of the plane “International Airlines of Ukraine”

In the United States resumed flights of the Boeing 737 MAX

In November, the country’s authorities lifted the ban on liner’s use, introduced after two accidents. In the United States on

Boeing 737 MAX 8 crash lands in Arizona

According to the Global News channel, the pilots received a warning about an engine malfunction shortly after takeoff. The Air