The Congress of Democrats: Sanders, Michelle Obama urged to vote for Biden

Sanders and Michelle Obama spoke at the first virtual Democratic Party Convention in Wisconsin. Senator Bernie Sanders, the leader of

The US has prepared a draft that restricts the actions of the Federal police

Senators Bernie Sanders and Jeff Merkley have prepared a bill restricting the actions of the US Federal police and requiring

Trump accused Biden of plagiarizing his economic program

The President of the United States Republican Donald Trump on Friday accused his likely opponent in the election of Democrat

Biden and Sanders published their joint policy proposals

The document shows the moderate Biden’s willingness to agree with some of the goals of the progressive wing of the

Biden gained votes for the official nomination as a presidential candidate

Former US Vice President Joe Biden won enough votes from delegates to officially nominate him for the presidential election, the

Pelosi supported Biden’s candidacy

Earlier, the former Vice President was supported by his competitors in the primaries and other influential Democrats. The speaker of

Biden won the Wisconsin primary

After Senator Sanders ‘ exit from the race, the former Vice President’s victory lost much significance. Former Vice President Joe

Sanders supported Biden in the presidential race

Senator Bernie Sanders on Monday endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden as the Democratic presidential candidate. “We must ensure that

In Wisconsin, they are preparing to announce the results of the primaries

They tried to postpone the vote because of the coronavirus. The Wisconsin state election Commission on Monday will publish the

Sanders suspended his campaign

This was reported in the election headquarters of the politician. Senator Bernie Sanders has suspended his participation in the fight